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We share the traditions of faith and order with the Church of England, from which the Episcopal Church emerged. As part of the Anglican Communion of which the Church of England is the “mother church,” we use the Book of Common Prayer to guide us in our worship services. And we rely on a “three-legged stool” of Scripture, tradition, and reason to guide us in our spiritual life.

We find the fullest expression of Christian faith in the Holy Scripture, the Creeds, the Sacraments—especially Baptism and Holy Communion, those sacraments that Christ commanded us to continue—and our lay and ordained ministers. .

Calvary Episcopal Church Statement of Inclusion: .

Calvary Church believes God’s love is not limited by human definition.
We honor the Grace within every human being.
We love all people because God loves all people.

  • We invite every person to join our community without regard to age, color, economic circumstance, religion, ethnic background, nationality, family configuration, gender identity, gender
    expression, sexual orientation, politics, or ability (physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual).
  • We follow the way of Jesus and affirm the diversity of people’s stories, beliefs, and customs.
  • We believe by Jesus’s example, we are called with open hearts and minds to love and serve the community and all people.
    (Adopted Lent 2019)

If you have any questions about the beliefs and ethos of the Episcopal Church or about Calvary Church in particular, you may contact the rector at the church office. We will be happy to talk with you!

Our Staff

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The Rev. Allison English


Team Member
Rev. Olivia Hamilton

Priest Associate - olivia@calvaryclifton.org

Team Member
Judy Gardner

Parish Administrator judy@calvaryclifton.org

Team Member
Howard Helvey

Organist & Choirmaster howardhelvey@hotmail.com

Team Member
Sally Engelbert

Family & Children Ministries sally@calvaryclifton.org

Team Member
Bradley Kauffman

Family Service Musician

Team Member
Miriam McKenney

Youth Ministries Coordinator miriam@calvaryclifton.org

Team Member
Nathan Harpine

Community & Communications Intern - nathan@calvaryclifton.org

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Team Member
Team Member
Lay Ministers
3766 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45220

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