Easter Season

Dear Calvary Parish,
I want to thank the Staff, Vestry, Youth Group members, and fellow clergy members for sharing in creating “Holy Week at Home” last week. It was a team effort that assured us with the Christian mystery and hope in this time and always that: Christ has died, Christ is risen, and Christ will come again.
I said in my Easter Evening message this, and it will hold true for us in the weeks and months to come:
[This is the] hope of what Jesus was promising: Good news for all people – something that has no cost, that anyone from anywhere can enter, that is small that has a huge influence, that starts within you and flows out. That is right here, right now, and also yet to come.
Think of the greatest hopes of your own life. Imagine the fervor building in Jerusalem over what Jesus had promised. The Gospel says that people were so excited about what Jesus was announcing, illustrating, and evidencing that all the people were up at the crack of dawn to come to the Temple and listen to him.
And then the hope was dashed. The hope physically annihilated…
Those of you who know and have experienced great suffering will have a lot of wisdom to share with the rest of us in the days and weeks that lie ahead. You know the weight of that walk to Emmaus, those conversations and long silences in the days that follow tragic death and upended lives.
Where might the Resurrected Jesus show up for us in the days to come? [Since we can’t gather right now in the church,] it won’t be within the walls of the church. It will be from our homes or in our essential work or in our phone calls or our permitted and necessary outreach.
Jesus Christ is risen in spite of us and everything happening around us.
The Reverend Erika Taraks refers to Jesus as “mother hen” — how Jesus refers to himself in Matthew 23:37 — in her poem “A Coming Alleuia” for Easter 2020:
Ssh. Be still.
Do you not hear her?
Clucking close by like an old mother hen,
brooding and sighing and
stretching her wings?
Fear not, she says,
for I did it before –
 in the silence
 in the dark
 in a closed and locked room
 in a world that had known
 only death.
Did I not once prove
once for all
that there is nothing you can do,
no decision you can make
(for good or for ill)
that can stop
May we continue to experience the Risen Christ in the midst of Eastertide this year.
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