Prayer & Formation @ Calvary

Sunday is a great time to worship God, receive the holy Eucharist, and connect with others. However we have many other chances to pray and connect with God. Join us for

  1. Morning Prayer: 8:15 AM every Monday.  Morning Prayer follows the form set out in the Book of Common Prayer. It includes a psalm, several readings from scripture, and prayers for guidance and protection during the coming day.
  2. Evening Prayer: 6:30 PM every Tuesday: Evening prayer also follows the Book of Common Prayer. Like morning prayer, it includes scripture readings and a reflection focused on them. The prayers however focus on giving God thanks for the day that has past, and asking God’s protection for the coming night.
  3. Gospel Meditations: 8:00 AM every Thursday: In a more contemplative tradition, Gospel Meditations focusing on centering prayer around Sunday’s Gospel Reading. We spend about half an hour sitting in quiet prayer and reading the Gospel. Than the last half hour is focused on discussing on Gospel reading and sharing our experinces during that prayer time.

All of these opportunities take place in the main sanctuary of the church. All our welcome

3766 Clifton Ave, Cincinnati, OH, 45220

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