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From Clifton Senior Center to St. Andrew’s Food Pantry, from Hurricane Katrina relief work and mission work in Honduras, Calvary Church is committed to helping people in need. New people are always welcome to join our outreach programs by contacting the coordinators. Please see the pink booklet “Getting Connected, Getting Involved” for the names and contact information of Calvary’s outreach coordinator. For a fuller description of the agencies themselves, please use the links. The general coordinator for outreach is David Meyer.

Here is a list of our current outreach ministries:

CAIN (Churches Active in Northside)

Popularly known as CAIN, Churches Active in Northside is a collaborative nonprofit organization of churches in the Cincinnati Northside area that helps people in need by providing basic services such as a food pantry and other supportive services. Time commitment: Varies.


Caracole provides HIV prevention and testing services for the Cincinnati area community, and affordable housing and case management services for individuals and families living with HIV/AIDS. The organization is supported by Calvary, but for volunteer services, please contact Caracole directly. Time commitment: Varies.

El Hogar Ministry

El Hogar de Amor e Esperanza, “The Home of Love and Hope,” is a home and school for abandoned children in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and a place of active outreach for churches in this diocese. During the summer, volunteers from Calvary visit and work on the infrastructure of El Hogar, make friends, and provide hope and love to the children there. Time commitment: Based on mission trip schedule.

Interfaith Hospitality Network

Interfaith Hospitality Network (IHN) of Greater Cincinnati is a social service organization that works with families experiencing homelessness to find and retain stable housing and rebuild their lives. It is unique in that it keeps families together during their time of homeless rather than separating them. Churches rotate providing sleeping space from 5:00 pm until 7:00 am the following morning. Other churches provide help by bringing dinner, keeping company during the evening, and providing overnight supervision at the host church. Calvary participates by offering one evening/night of service each time IHN families are hosted by Christ Church Cathedral in downtown Cincinnati. Time commitment: Depends on what you sign up for, whether cooking dinner, or evening host (5:00-8:00 pm) or overnight host (8:00pm to 7:00am next morning, most of it sleeping).

Habitat for Humanity

Calvary members have participated for several years in helping to build homes for the Habitat for Humanity organization. The homes are built by volunteers and by the family members who will live in the home. Time commitment: Based on your ability; need to be 16 years or older to be on the build site.

St. Andrew’s Food Pantry

Calvary Church enjoys a collegial relationship with St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church in the Evanston neighborhood of Cincinnati. One of our shared ministries is with St. Andrew’s’ food pantry. A bin for collecting food is located in Hannaford Hall, and each month, specific foods are requested. Bring the food to church, place it in the bin, and the provisions are collected regularly and delivered to St. Andrew’s, to be distributed to people in need in that neighborhood. Time commitment: None. Spiritual commitment: Willingness to help neighbors.

Tender Mercies

Tender Mercies is an organization that provides housing and supportive services for homeless persons with histories of mental illness. They transform the lives of homeless adults with mental illness by providing security, dignity, and community in a place these people can call home. On the last Sunday of the month, in late afternoon, a group of Calvary people will go downtown to Tender Mercies to deliver food that they have cooked to the residents at that shelter. Time commitment: 4:00-6:00pm to serve, varied time to prepare meal.

"Homeless Jesus"

The “Homeless Jesus” sculpture is a visual representation of Matthew 25. The sculpture suggests that Christ is with the most marginalized in our society. The Christ figure is shrouded in a blanket with His face covered with the only indication that the figure is Jesus being the visible wounds on the feet.
This work of art can raise awareness of the marginalized, challenge and inspire society to be more compassionate and charitable and to act upon that inspiration. It can also lift the spirits of the marginalized as well so that they might see Christ within themselves. All of this, for centuries to come.

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