Congratulations on your decision to be married at Calvary Episcopal Church.  It is the intention of the clergy, staff and lay people of Calvary Church that weddings performed in the church should be not only a joyous time but also a reverent act of commitment between those who seek to be married.


·        Calvary Church requires that at least one of the parties be a baptized Christian and an active member of Calvary Church.

·        The Episcopal Church and the Diocese of Southern Ohio additionally require that if either or both parties have been previously married and divorced, the Bishop must give written approval for a priest to perform the ceremony. The Priests submits copies of the divorce decree with his letter to the Bishop at least three months prior to the wedding.

·        The couple must schedule and attend three one hour premarital counseling sessions with the Rector.  Scheduled directly with the Rector.

·        All federal and state laws must be followed including obtaining a valid marriage license.



·        Date of ceremony must be approved by the Rector at least three months prior to the actual ceremony. 

·        The Calvary Church Wedding Agreement form (attached) must be completed and mailed to Calvary Church Once the date is approved by the Rector.

·        Calvary Church seating capacity is 225.

·        Sexton Fee $150.00 {check made out to Duncan’s Cleaning Service.)



·        Marriage is a sacrament of the church and must conform to the provisions of the Book of Common Prayer, beginning on page 423. The Rector will be the final authority for any special requests.

·        Wedding bulletin or order of service is the wedding couple’s responsibility and requires approval by the Rector, unless special arrangements are made with the Rector.



·        Howard Helvey is our church organist and must be contacted to secure dates and appropriate music selections.  Please contact him directly at {Fees may negotiated with Mr. Helvey}



·        Photographs may be taken before, during and after the ceremony.



·        It is expected that the altar flowers will be left on the altar for the Sunday services in thanksgiving for your marriage.



·        The throwing of confetti, rice, birdseed or any other substitute at the bride and groom is strictly prohibited.

·        Smoking is not permitted in the church building


Church access:

·        The sanctuary will be open two hours prior to the wedding.

·        The Burton room is available to the wedding party for dressing.

·        Restrooms are located in the church building, both upstairs and downstairs but not in the sanctuary.



·        Rehearsal date must be approved by the Rector.

·        All rehearsals are directed by the Rector.



·        Receptions may be held in Hannaford Hall based on availability.

·        The fee is $600. ($400 check to Calvary Church and $200 check to Duncan’s Cleaning Service.)

·        The wedding couple is responsible for all refreshments, and set-up and clean-up of Hannaford Hall.

·        No candles or tape on walls are permitted.  Simple decorations and flowers only.

·        Beer, wine and champagne are the only alcoholic beverages allowed on church premises.