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Ministry to youth includes all Christian formation programs for youth ages 12 to 18, as well as youth-related spiritual and social activities, including youth field trips and mission trips. Volunteers include Sunday School leaders, chaperones at the mission and field trips, as well as adults who would like to help with youth-geared music, events, and other activities that encourage young people to see the church as a place not only to attend but also to belong.

During the church program year (September through May), young persons in Junior and Senior High School meet after the 9:30 am service for a time of fellowship, discussion of topics relevant to the youth, discussion of Bible readings, and various creative activities. Occasionally, extra special events will be scheduled. At this time, we are seeking a youth and young adult minister to coordinate these programs.


We gladly welcome young adults to the church, both as participants in church life and as seekers of spiritual meaning. The most popular gathering for young adults is the Coffee House, a monthly event of music, food, fellowship, and even dance when the urge hits. Occasionally, a brunch is offered on Sundays for young adults, including a featured speaker to discuss contemporary and church issues that are of interest to young adults.

Check out the Facebook page created especially for young adults interested in belonging at Calvary.


Christian formation for all persons, but especially for youth through adults, is an evolving ministry at Calvary. Last year, we offered a series on “Inside the Episcopal Mind” (an inquirer’s class), confirmation class, “Prophets and Mystics [and Heretic]” on mystical experience, and a class on contemporary issues. This coming year, we are planning a program year of various educational offerings, including a series on Islam and other faith traditions.

In addition, a Spiritual Meditation group meets each Thursday morning at 8:00 am to discuss the readings for the upcoming Sunday service. This group is open to all persons at any time.

Occasionally we offer a special series, reflecting the church season. Especially during Lent, special presentations are offered on topics relevant to that season, based on theological themes such as personal spiritual growth, the life of faith, and current issues. This year, the program included a Taize prayer service, followed by dinner and the presentation.

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