Fearless Friends,

It was truly an honor to be able to journey alongside your children this year in Fearless — to learn about their hopes and dreams, to watch them stretch and grow, and to encourage them in faith and life. Each child brought a unique perspective and energy to the group, and I am grateful that you made Fearless a priority in your schedule this year. I know that many of our kids are involved in sports, arts, and other extracurricular commitments but I truly believe that Fearless offered something unique; a chance to show up and just be. Highlights of the year for me included our Altar of Remembrance, snowball fight, and Mill Creek adventure. Sunday’s trip to the Web Extreme also ranked up there as one of my favorite experiences — we had a blast!

Though we won’t meet regularly over the summer, I’ll be planning a few casual events to keep us all connected. We’ll have one event in June and one in July. Stay tuned for details about those. And please keep in mind that even when Fearless is not meeting, I am here for you and your children! I’m all ears about how I can support you and pray for you. So, don’t be strangers! Have a safe and wonderful summer and I look forward to seeing you around.


Reverend Olivia