“When the day of Pentecost had come, the disciples were all together in one place…” (Acts 2:1)

Just a couple of times a year, members of Calvary from all three services gather for a shared service of worship. There is something exciting about how the Holy Spirit works when everyone gathers together.

On the Day of Pentecost, over 120 members of Calvary Parish gathered for Feast, complete with the reading of the Gospel in eight different languages, baptism of Rev. Olivia and Molly’s son Asher by member and Bishop Nedi Rivera, commissioning of Acolytes and Chalice Bearers, music from both the choral and family services, and a hearty BBQ potluck lunch.

One parishioner commented that because the service featured something for everyone, everyone was stretched to experience something new in the worship.

I am especially grateful to our group of “polyglots” who spoke in so many different languages- Sandy Martin, Jane Paraskevopoulos, Anna & Matthew Petersen, Lisa Savu, Susan Smith, Denise Watson, Paula Winans. Thank you also to our master of hospitality Susan Skidmore, grill masters Eric Landen and Tom Bible, JJ Engelbert’s attention to detail, along with a number of Vestry members and other members who pitched in to set up, clean up, and overall make the BBQ potluck such a robust and fun experience.

May we enter into this season after Pentecost filled, comforted, guided, and led by the Holy Spirit!


The Reverend Allison English