This week: May 12

The Journey Unfolds
Rev. Allison has landed in Los Angeles County on Route 66. Her first destination, earlier this week, was squarely on Route 66 in the City of Claremont, where her seminary, Claremont School of Theology, used to be located. Her first full day in California was spent reconnecting in person with her spiritual director, with whom she has been meeting for over a decade.

She is reconnecting this coming week with many friends and colleagues from the Diocese of Southern Ohio— including a friend with whom she shared in camp chaplaincy with a former ministry leader and her clergy mentor.

A highlight of this week is meeting with the Reverend Josh Paget and his wife, the Reverend Keri Paget. Josh+ discerned his call to ordained ministry as a member of the last parish she served and faithful leader of the All Saints’ Beverly Hills Young Adult group. She and Josh will have an opportunity to reconnect and revisit the journey of discernment and vocation they shared in Los Angeles nearly a decade ago.

Rev. Allison also officiated Keri and Josh’s wedding, and they will meet on their anniversary to celebrate.