This week: June 9

Eastward on Route 66!

Before departing on Route 66, Rev. Allison took Olivia and Amelia back to Claremont, CA, where she was able to show them where she and Robert met. Then, they hit the road to begin traveling Route 66! They journeyed through California into Arizona.

Highlight of this week were seeking out the “Wild Burros of Oatman” (Arizona) and picking up Allison’s best friends from childhood: Ginger, Katie, and Lydia, who joined them on a train tour to the Grand Canyon.

Allison and her daughters were able to reconnect with her former rector at All Saints’ Beverly Hills, the Reverend Steve Huber, who now is retired and lives in Palm Springs. The girls marveled at how the mountains still had snow on the peak while the weather on the ground was 100 degrees.

For Route 66 enthusiasts, favorite stops this week included Joshua Tree National Park, Amboy Crater, some big hills and dips in the road in the high desert that thrilled Olivia and Amelia, an especially cheerful server named Kim at the Wagon Wheel restaurant in Needles, CA, feeding hay to the over a dozen wild burros we encountered in the middle of the road (one tried to eat Allison’s purse!), and arriving at dusk to the neon sign of El Trovatore Motel in Kingman, AZ.