Some of you remember Election Day 2019, when a car drove recklessly into the Preschool Playground. No children were harmed (they were 15 minutes away from emerging to play), but our fire escape was mangled and destroyed. The Board of Elections paid for the damages.

As a result, the Buildings and Grounds Team at Calvary moved putting in a series of protective bollards to our priority project list.

Calvary has had Boy Scout Troop 161 on site at Calvary for over two decades. This past month, Eagle Scout candidate Zach Wittenauer and several scouts and their parents and family members spent four weeks digging the holes, setting the posts, pouring the cement, backfilling the holes, and painting the posts to make for a safer parking lot area for us all.

Thank you to Zach, and especially to Tom Bible who did an incredible job and extraordinary amount of work to make this project successful. His 18th birthday is this Sunday! The project is complete just in time for him to turn in his Eagle Scout paperwork. We will be honoring Zach in worship soon. (And, Election Day this past week went off without incident!)