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Reminder: the Pledge Ingathering is this Sunday at all services. Set your clocks back as Daylight Saving Time ends. Pledge cards are available here and on Sunday in the church and Hannaford Hall.

All members will receive a special gift following each service and there will be a reception during Calvary Community Hour that celebrates and reveals the plans for The Burton Room and Catharine Somers Burns Discipleship Center.

We have had a year of tremendous generosity at Calvary Parish. There are five main categories of giving, and Calvary has had givers in all areas:

Time – So many of you have offered your time to make the life of the church happen day-to-day and week after week.

Talent – God gave us each unique and useful talents. I’ve seen so many of you discern and put to work the talent God has given you to the glory of God in the church.

Pledges – 79 households pledged in 2021. Together, we are an essential part of Calvary’s ministry and growth.

Major Gifts – In 2020, many of you gave major gifts in addition to your pledge to make it possible for us to replace our HVAC systems throughout the building. In 2021, members of Calvary gave three major gifts:

Sandy Martin contributed to make a major organ improvement possible.

Hedda Windisch von Goeben funded the lightning suppression system on our buildings.

An anonymous donor funded The Burton Room and Catharine Somers Burns Discipleship Center remodel.

Planned Gifts – Hedda Windisch von Goeben remembered Calvary in her will.

These are all ways that we can be intentional about making the church come to life in our time and place. Thank you for your generous hearts and faithful spirits as we continue to grow in faith at Calvary.

The Reverend Allison English+